Daniel's Dirty 30!
This was a surprise 30th birthday party, I planned and coordinated,  from the invitations, to the cake.  There was close to 50 people in attendance, some from out of state. It was truly an amazing surprise!

Covey at work......

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All the decorations were made or assembled by hand.
The faces express
everything this is worth to me......
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"Do what you do so well, that they will want to see it again and bring their friends" - Walt Disney

Side note from the owner....

As mentioned above, the decorations for this event I made and or assembled by hand. I took the ideas from the theme of the party and worked on each part individually.  Putting together the center pieces, making decorations for the gift table, assembling the cigar bar.   The day of the event was spent putting it all together and making the ideas and hard work come to life.  It's such an awarding experience to me, to hear the "thank you's" and the "great party" from the guests.  It's what I work hard for and why I enjoy doing this, for the satisfaction that I have given someone else a memorable day and they have enjoyed partaking in it, as much as I have enjoyed planning it!